Book Review: Critical Incidents

I got to live out my fantasy of becoming a detective.

A little known fact about me: I'm obsessed with all things crime. True crime, crime fiction, thrillers, you name it. I've always felt that if I hadn't become a writer, I would have gone into law enforcement in some capacity, be it criminal psychology or forensics. Delving into the minds of people who commit crimes must be fascinating, but more than anything, imagine how gratifying it would be knowing you're one of the Good Guys.

Well, I might not be hanging up my writing hat any time soon, but thanks to Tandem Collective, I was able to play detective for a while!

I partnered with Tandem Collective and 4th Estate to promote the upcoming thriller Critical Incidents by Lucie Whitehouse (out 24 January 2020). Critical Incidents follows the story of Robin, a disgraced Met detective inspector who returns home to Birmingham with her tail between her legs. She isn't there long before things start to go wrong. A girl goes missing. A woman - who just happens to be Robin's best friend - is murdered. And at the end of the thread, which Robin struggles to unravel, is a truth that'll shock her to the core.

Myself and a group of other crime-loving influencers took part in a readalong of the book, where we were tasked to make notes along the way about who we thought was innocent and guilty, with the ultimate aim of guessing whodunnit.

And you know what?

I was right.

Lucie Whitehouse herself messaged me to say I might have a future in detective work after all, and I'm immediately putting that on my CV.

In all seriousness, Critical Incidents is a very entertaining read. The plot is constantly moving, always keeping you guessing; you'll start to distrust every single character, even the precious angel that is Robin's daughter, Lennie. Motherhood is a thread that laces the story together - the pressure a woman faces if she becomes a mother 'the wrong way', and how far she'll go to make sure her family is kept safe.

I'm hoping we'll see more of Robin, if only so I can continue living out my detective fantasy.

Critical Incidents comes out 24 January 2020 and is published by 4th Estate.